EZ-EFI® – the next generation of the revolutionary self tuning carb-to-EFI conversion system from FAST™

EZ-EFI – Carb Replacement System Supports Stock To 650 HP Engines

EZ-EFI - Carb Replacement System Supports Stock To 650 HP Engines
With the EZ-EFI® from FAST™, You Don’t Need A Laptop Or Tuning Experience – It Does The Work For You In the past, carburetor-to-EFI conversion was no picnic. At the very least, you needed a laptop and significant tuning experience. But thanks to FAST™ engineers utilizing nearly twenty years of experience in fuel injection strategy, those days are over. With the EZ-EFI® Self Tuning Fuel Injection System, you get patent pending EFI technology that does all the work for you. Simply hook it up, answer the basic Setup Wizard questions on the included hand-held display, and the system tunes itself as you drive. As the most popular self tuning EFI system ever, EZ-EFI® now has thousands of successful installs and we’re so confident in its performance that it is backed by an unmatched limited lifetime warranty.
Description Part #
EZ-EFI® Base Kit
Kit Contents
EZ-EFI® Master Kit
Kit Contents
EZ-EFI® Master Kit w/ In-Tank Fuel System
Kit Contents
EZ-EFI® Dual Quad Add-On Kit
Kit Contents
EZ-EFI® Jeep Kit w/o Fuel Pump Kit 30294-KIT
EZ-EFI® Master Jeep Kit w/ Inline Fuel Pump Kit 30295-KIT
EZ-EFI® Master Jeep Kit w/ In-Tank Fuel Pump Kit 30296-KIT

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*Important Tech Bulletin Regarding EZ-EFI™ Installs

EZ-EFI® Multi-Port Kits Part #
Small Block Chevy up to 550 HP 3012350-05E
Small Block Chevy up to 1000 HP 3012350-10E
Big Block Chevy up to 550 HP 3011454-05E
Big Block Chevy up to 1000 HP 3011454-10E
Big Block Chevy Tall Deck up to 1000 HP 3011572-10E
Small Block Ford up to 550 HP 3031302-05E
Small Block Ford up to 1000 HP 3031302-10E
351 Windsor up to 550 HP 3035351-05E
351 Windsor up to 1000 HP 3035351-10E
Retro-Fit Kit 302000

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Accessories *307503 & 307600 both included in the EZ-EFI® Master Kit Part #
EZ-EFI® Fuel Pump Kit, 600HP
Kit Contents
EZ-EFI® Fuel Pump Hose & Fitting Kit
Kit Contents
EZ-EFI® Hand Held Module Interior Mount Kit
Kit Contents
Dual Quad Throttle Linkage Kit
Kit Contents
Complete Throttle Body Assembly
Kit Contents
Replacement Wide-Band O2 Sensor
Kit Contents
EZ-EFI® Cable Mount Kit
Kit Contents
EZ-EFI® Dual Quad Add-On Kit
Kit Contents

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Hotrod & Restoration 2011 Innovation AwardLimited Lifetime Warranty

Voted 2009 Hot Rod & Restoration Show; Best New Product Award Read More Received Innovation Award at the 2011 Hotrod & Restoration Trade Show Read More
Media Coverage Approvedseen and tested in Hot Rod, Power & Performance News, Street Rodder, HotRod & Restoration, Dirt Sports, Race Pages, Chevy High Performance and many other popular enthusiast magazines.
Includes Everything You Need To Install EFI In Only Hours Featuring the industry’s only lifetime guarantee, the EZ-EFI® Self Tuning Fuel Injection System provides you with the complete EFI package, including the ECU, wide-band O2 sensor, clearly labeled wiring harness, fuel injectors, an optional fuel pump kit and other assorted components. Carburetor conversion kits also include the innovative 4150-style Throttle Body from FAST™. This patent pending, cast throttle body is the only unobstructed throttle body design on the market, allowing the EZ-EFI® to make more power than any competitor-guaranteed. It gives you the total package to easily bolt on to any 4150-type manifold and comes with everything you need, including the appropriate fuel injectors and fuel rails. Works On Your Engine – No Manifold Or Extra Parts Needed Regardless of your brand or size, this system bolts on easily to any carbureted engine making up to 650 horsepower – NO manifold replacement is needed. In addition to matching any carbureted manifold, the EZ-EFI® Self Tuning Fuel Injection System also works with your original carb-style throttle linkage and is ready to accept all OEM sensors, including standard GM versions available at any auto parts store. It does not require proprietary sensors that are only available from the system’s manufacturer. What’s more, EZ-EFI® works with all ignition setups – including HEI. The EZ-EFI® can be installed easily in an afternoon and is a "must have" for your street rod or muscle car. FAST™ invented and perfected self-tuning EFI, don’t settle for imitators. An EZ Solution For Any Setup For more aggressive applications, the EZ-EFI® Dual Quad Upgrade Kit is capable of supporting 1200+ horsepower engines with dual quad carburetor-type manifolds. In addition, the Multi-Port Retro-Fit EZ-EFI® allows owners of multi-port fuel injected applications to experience the benefits of EFI with no limit on horsepower because the system is based on each customer's supplied injectors. Unlike competitors’ systems, the EZ-EFI® is readily available in dual quad or eight stack induction systems. Meanwhile, the new EZ-EFI® Jeep Kit with inline or in-tank fuel pump kit is engineered specifically to work with the unique requirements of 1972-1991 Jeep CJ/YJ 4.2L, 6-cylinder applications.
  • Original self-tuning system — NO tuning experience or laptop needed
  • Complete system includes mini ECU, wide-band O2 sensor, clearly labeled wiring harness, injectors, fuel pump kit & unobstructed 4150 throttle body
  • 4150 Throttle body works with original carb-style linkage & accepts all OEM sensors for proven performance, reliability & availability
  • Standard single throttle body system handles up to 650 HP, the result of the industry’s best flowing throttle body (1100+ cfm), largest modern injectors & adjustable fuel pressure
  • Carb replacement, dual quad, multi-port, 8-stack & Jeep systems available
  • Works with any ignition setup – including HEI
  • Easy-to-use Setup Wizard provides a walk-through & system tunes itself
  • Features the industry’s only lifetime guarantee
  • Developed by FAST™ in-house engineering team, allowing constant product refinement versus competitors that outsource development of their systems
  • Industry’s most extensive technical support team – you’ll likely never need them but it’s nice to know they are there if you do
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